Manufacturing & Logistics


Targeted and accurate recruiting, when done right, is a full-time job. CSBS’s Manufacturing & Logistics recruiting team delivers the highest worker output at the lowest total cost.

While most employment agencies start the recruiting process when they receive a job opening, CSBS maintains an internal database of candidates ready for work. Through our consistent marketing in newspapers and Internet job boards, our database is growing every week.


CSBS takes a unique approach to understanding which type of candidate will be most productive and successful within your organization. We understand that you have a culture that has been deliberately created to achieve specific strategic ends.

Before we begin the recruiting process we gather information on the following:

  • Company values
  • Vision
  • Working language
  • Systems and Processes
  • Beliefs and Habits

Each employee plays a unique role within your organization and achieving the desired end result. By going beyond the employees skill-set and also matching them to your company culture, the chances for success become greater and turnover decreases.

For more information on the industries we serve and positions we actively recruit, please visit Contingent & Temporary Staffing

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