Large Account Management


CSBS has defined, developed, and replicated critical processes for large account management. We bring a high level of accountability by applying proven processes to control costs, deliver effective management and build a successful contingent workforce.

Our dedicated On-Site Account Managers integrate with your operations team to ensure you have the employees you need, where and when you need them.


If you prefer working with multiple employment agencies, the CSBS Supplier Management Program operates as the Master Vendor. All employment agencies work through CSBS, meaning you receive one invoice from one contact, and you have the satisfaction of knowing your hard-to-fill positions are being focused on through multiple channels.


CSBS utilizes state-of-the-art technology for tracking and reporting employee time. A few benefits of the CSBS time clock system:

  • Time clocks operate from a cellular network-No hassling your IT department
  • Client web-based dashboard showing real-time data
  • Communicates in multiple languages
  • Sends real-time alerts
  • Enables employees to confirm they have had an accident free shift
  • Pushes messages thru to employees-including safety messages

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